Publications and Presentations

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    • Biogas – Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, October/November 2014
    • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Waste – Management Infrastructure and Diversion: Part I Part II – April 2010
    • Burning Issues – Waste To Energy (WTE) and Energy From Waste (EFW) Infrastructure and Trends in North America – Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, August 2008
    • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Waste – Management Infrastructure and Diversion – IC&I Waste Diversion in Ontario , Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, April 2007
    • Pay as You Throw – Solid Waste & Recycling (with Janet Robins), August 2005
    • Processing Organic Waste: Planning Issues and Approaches – American Planning Association Newsletter, November 2002


    • Lifestyle and Demographic Impacts on the Changing Mix of Materials in the Blue Bin: Implications for Recycling Program Design and Costs – Presented at the 7th annual Canadian Waste to Resource Conference in Toronto, 9 November 2016
    • Current Recycling Situation in Canada – Presented at Workshop on Capacity Building for a Recycling-Based Economy in APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) in Mexico City, February 2005
    • Lessons Learned from Fifteen Years of Recycling in Ontario, Canada – Presented at the 2nd National Waste Management Summit, Dublin, Ireland, 28 & 29 September 2004
    • The Future of Waste Diversion and Material Specific Challenges Facing Municipalities – Presented at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference, Toronto, August 2003
    • Innovative Public Engagement Processes – The ABC Program – Presented at Recycling Council of Ontario Conference, September 2002

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