Printed Paper and Packaging

Targets for Printed Paper and Packaging – M3RC of Association of Municipalities of Ontario, 2017

As part of of the Love Environment team, carried out research on experience in European programs and recommended recycling targets for the Ontario Blue Box program.

Member of Blue Box Cost Containment Panel – Waste Diversion Ontario, 2015 (816)

Maria Kelleher was an independent citizen member of the Blue Box Containment Panel convened by WDO in 2015 to determine how to incorporate cost containment principles in the calculation of Ontario industry’s annual funding for the Blue Box printed paper and packaging recycling program.

Case Studies of EPR Program Governance in Canada and Europe – Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario, 2014 (799)

Kelleher Environmental, in association with Love Environment, was commissioned by RPWCO to research and prepare a report that identifies EPR program models for printed paper and packaging in other jurisdictions (Europe, Canada), and discusses lessons learned which are applicable to Ontario municipalities.

Evaluation of EPR Options for Newsprint in BC – Canadian Newspaper Association, 2012 (776)

Kelleher Environmental carried out research and assisted the Canadian Newspaper Association in identifying and assessing options for meeting their obligations in British Columbia under the Recycling Regulation, which requires full EPR of printed paper and packaging by May 2014.

MMBC Phase 1, Printed Paper and Packaging – Multi Material Stewardship BC, 2012 (770)

As a sub-consultant to Glenda Gies and Associates, Kelleher Environmental collected data and participated in development of a report which described the management of printed paper and packaging from residential sources in British Columbia in early 2012, using 2010 as a baseline. A second component of the project involved outlining options for development of an EPR program for residential printed paper and packaging to meet regulatory requirements for full industry steward funding of the recovery system by 2014.