Impacts of Competition for Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) Under the Waste-Free Ontario Act – Confidential Client, 2016 (818)

Through the spring and summer of 2016, worked extensively with Love Environment assessing the implications of the new Waste-Free Ontario Act (Bill 151) on the province’s future waste diversion programs (i.e. printed paper and packaging, household hazardous waste, waste electronics, and tires). The project included a detailed analysis of both the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act and the Waste Diversion Transition Act. Also included was an assessment of the anticipated 5-year timelines and key issues associated with the future management of each of these groups of materials.

Industry Response to Draft Bill 91 – CEWRO, 2013 (794)

Kelleher Environmental worked with representatives of 13 industry associations in Ontario to develop a coordinated response to proposed changes to Ontario waste legislation.

Municipal Response to Draft Bill 91 – Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario, Association of Municipalities of Ontario, and Municipal Waste Association, 2013 (795)

Kelleher Environmental designed and ran a 2-day stakeholder consultation workshop attended by municipal representatives from across Ontario to assess implications of proposed legislation and craft the municipal feedback to proposed changes to Ontario legislation.

Niagara Servicing Update – Region of Niagara, 2011 (759)

Kelleher Environmental carried out research on levels of service for garbage, recyclables, and organics collection provided to single-family and multi-family households, mixed-use buildings, business improvement areas, and IC&I generators in municipalities across Canada, which served as background to policy options being considered by the Region of Niagara.

Ontario Composite Paper Packaging Recycling Research Study – Stewardship Ontario, 2011 (732)

Kelleher Environmental, in association with Robins Environment, carried out a comprehensive study of markets for laminated papers (including polycoated containers, aseptics, gable top containers and spiral wound containers) collected in the Ontario Blue Box system. The study included interviews with MRF operators, collectors and end markets throughout Canada and North America.