Energy and Climate Change

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Ontario Waste Management Industry – Ontario Waste Management Association, 2015 (817)

This report, co-authored by Christina Seidel (sonnevera international corp.) and Ralph Torrie (Torrie Smith Associates), was commissioned by the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) to identify the most significant connections between Ontario’s waste management industry and the province’s GHG emissions, and to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the pending “cap-and-trade” policy presents to the industry.

Energy Markets Study – Natural Resources Canada, 2012 (771)

The Energy Markets study identified the types of energy which could be produced using municipal solid waste as a resource (electricity, heat, fuel) and the various end markets which could be used for fuels which could be produced from waste (syngas; methanol, ethanol, diesel, renewable natural gas, biogas and methane).

External Reviewer For OPA Conservation and Technology Funds, 2012 (768)

Maria Kelleher acted as External Reviewer and served as the external member of a three-person Grant Award Committee (GAC). The GAC is comprised of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the Vice-President of the Conservation Division, OPA and the External Reviewer. The GAC is responsible for making all funding decisions for the Conservation Fund and the Technology Development Fund.

OPA Investment Strategy (743)

Carried out research on leading edge best practice energy efficiency and energy conservation programs being tested or rolled out in North America and developed a strategy on which areas the OPA Conservation Fund should focus on to prepare for a new round of energy efficiency and conservation programs in 2014.