Options to Increase Recycling Rates for Agricultural Containers – CleanFARMS, 2014 (810)

CleanFARMS runs a voluntary recovery program for agricultural containers (fertilizer, pesticides, grain bags). Kelleher Environmental was commissioned to develop estimates of actual recovery rates by container category (by province) and develop strategy options to increase those rates.

IC&I Waste Composition & Waste Diversion Policy Research – City of Calgary, 2010 (746)

As sub-consultant to CH2M Hill, Kelleher Environmental researched and developed a description of the existing IC&I waste management system in Calgary, the players, and the challenges and barriers to higher diversion. Developed a Waste Allocation Model using current employment data by NAICS Code as an indicator of waste generation activity, which identified overall Calgary IC&I waste composition; materials of significance in the IC&I waste stream; the sectors which product the most IC&I waste; and the sectors which produce the materials of greatest promise for waste diversion strategies. Kelleher Environmental also summarized IC&I policies and programs in other jurisdictions and identified those considered most practical for the City of Calgary.