Market Research and Assessments

Current State Fibres Study, Ontario Blue Box Paper Fibres- Stewardship Ontario, 2011 (763)

Kelleher Environmental, in association with Love Environment, carried out a comprehensive study of the flow of paper fibres (printed paper and packaging) through the residential Blue Box value chain. The study addressed end markets for different paper fibre grades, and projected future lifestyle and market trends which would impact on Blue Box economics.

Laminated Paper Research – Stewardship Ontario, 2011 (757)

Carried out research to identify current practices with respect to the recycling of paper laminates (predominantly hot drink cups, ice cream containers, aseptic containers and spiral wound containers) in Ontario MRFs processing residential as well as IC&I materials. Identified bales into which different paper laminates are typically placed, and end markets (Canada, US, overseas) where paper laminates are sold, and end products produced. The project was followed by a consultation process with packaging stewards in April 2011.

Wood Market Assessment – Confidential Client, 2010 (754)

Identified the amounts of wood waste available in Ontario; generators of wood waste and likely future quantities; current markets and market pricing, dynamics and factors which would change market pricing over time.