Position Paper on Organics Ban in Ontario – Confidential Client, 2015 (814)

Kelleher Environmental wrote a position paper outlining the benefits of a landfill ban on organics in Ontario, including GHG reductions, and addressed how organics bans have been implemented in other jurisdictions including Vancouver, Nova Scotia, and Massachusetts.

Food Waste Reduction Strategy and Case Studies – Region of York, 2014 (792)

Kelleher Environmental, in association with Robins Environmental, researched food waste reduction policies and programs in the UK and Europe, as well as the US, to identify lessons that could be applied to York.

Canadian Biogas Study – Biogas Association, 2013 (790)

In May 2013, the Biogas Association contracted with Kelleher Environmental (in association with Robins Environmental)  to carry out a study to identify existing, available metrics which support the benefits of biogas energy.  The potential for biogas production from agricultural digesters,  landfill gas,  digestion of source separated organics from residential and commercial sources and from wastewater treatment plants across Canada was estimated, as well as the energy, environmental and economic and social/community benefits of increasing the production of biogas energy in Canada.

Impacts of Kraft, Plastic and Certified Compostable Plastic Bags on Green Bin Program Performance – Bag To Earth, 2012 (766)

Kelleher Environmental carried out research to identify to the extent possible the impacts of different collection approach choices on the performance of residential source separated organics Green Bin projects. The report’s Executive Summary can be viewed here.

Foundation Report for a Technical Document on MSW Organics Processing –  Environment Canada, 2010 (751)

Kelleher Environmental interviewed processors and municipalities across Canada to identify issues of concern and topics which should be included in a Technical Manual which was prepared in 2011/2012. See slides 7-8 of this presentation for more information.