Anaerobic Digestion

Canadian Biogas Study Technical Document – Biogas Association, 2013

The Biogas Association contracted with Kelleher Environmental in May 2013 to carry out research to identify existing, available metrics which support the benefits of biogas energy. The potential for biogas production from agricultural digesters, landfill gas, digestion of source separated organics from residential and commercial sources and from waste water treatment plants across Canada was estimated, as well as the energy, environmental, economic and social/community benefits of increasing biogas energy production. In addition to identifying existing metrics, the study also notes areas where data gaps were identified and where new research is required.

Pre Feasibility Study of AD Technology – Region of Durham, 2010 (773)

Kelleher Environmental carried out a pre-feasibility assessment of the viability of using anaerobic digestion (AD) technology to process source separated organics collected from over 200,000 households in the Region of Durham. System options were identified, costs were estimated and regulatory, partnership and risk factors were taken into consideration in the assessment.

Anaerobic Digestion of Source Separated Organics – City of Calgary, 2010 (745)

As part of the CH2M Hill team, Kelleher Environmental carried out a technical analysis and developed estimates for anaerobic digestion of source separated organics from households and businesses in the City of Calgary as part of a comprehensive organics management strategy which included biosolids